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Your case will get our full attention

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Hill, we practice family law exclusively. That means that our time and attention is dedicated to cases just like yours, so you can be sure that your case will get the time it deserves.

FREE Consultations

If your case appears at the outset that it could be settled out of court, and you are willing to take that course of action, we are eager to help you and your family reach an agreeable resolution of your divorce, legal separation or other family law disputes.

Settle out of court

There are several ways that you can take advantage of our legal services.

-   Representating one party for settlement purposes only.

-   Mediator assisting both husband and wife as a neutral attorney to

    negotiate a settlement of divorce or other family law issues

-   Collaborative attorney who represents one party in a divorce, so long

    as the case remains in a settlement mode.

You have someone on your side

If you are interested in discovering the advantages of resolving your family law disputes through settlement aproaches such as mediation or collaboration, call the Law Offices of Anthony J. Hill today for your free consultation.



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